The writing's and life of bam


Hi! Thanks for visiting BAM writing and Welcome to my Life!

I'm BAM (an acronym for my full name, but you can call me by my first name; Brittney)

I live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada with my husband who runs a family business in the automotive industry. Together, we have identical twin boys (Harvey & Walter) and two dogs; Bella, the German Hound, and Tully the German Shepherd). 

I started blogging back when we got engaged NYE of 2015. I wanted to document my engagement and wedding process, and what I got out of it was way more than I ever imagined. Through posts people read both on here and my Social Media, I connected with so many people going through the same process, or just entering that stage, or just reminiscing on their own wedding.

I started sharing my tips and hearing from all of you.

People even started reaching out to me and I was lucky enough to start turning my passion of writing blogs into a side income gig of writing blogs and articles for other people/ websites/ companies. 

As humans we crave connection, and what an amazing time it is that we can connect to so many different people through the power of the internet. 

Since then, I have also done work as a Freelance Writer. I have written articles and blogs for different wedding websites, happiness and self- help articles, women's empowerment websites, home renovation, family life articles, motherhood and parenting, decor sites and so much more.

Now I'm a mother and have way more to share than I ever did. With the twins being out of the newborn stage and my time slowly becoming my own again, I get to slowly begin again my passion of writing.

I would like to continue to document our life and I hope to share, educate, inspire, learn, and motivate others.

Feel free to ride this roller coaster with me and don't forget to say Hello!