What it Feels like to be Married

So, what’s it feel like to be married? Does it feel any different?

Why are these common questions after getting married? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve probably asked the same question before I was married, expecting to get some answer that proves married people live in a completely parallel universe.

Well, let me tell you, if you already lived with your partner beforehand, split bills, split up responsibilities, then nothing changes! (Sigh)

Sorry ladies, just because you’re married does not mean your new husband will start picking his clothes up off the floor. And, sorry men, it also doesn’t mean your new wife will start serving breakfast in bed on the regular (if at all).

But I can tell you what it does mean. It means commitment, respect, trust and friendship. It means partnership, through thick and thin. It means getting someone to share your life with and someone who defines home as the same place as you.

It also means having to sign your name differently (that is probably the weirdest part!)

Your name doesn’t define you but it does act as a family shield, a sense of belonging.

But, in getting married, you’re starting your own family, it doesn’t mean you’re turning your back on your family before you were married, it just means your extending it.

At first, hearing MRS. (insert new last name) from everyone else sounds foreign, but then you hear it from your husband, and it sounds... calming, perfect.

Some people will look at you and say ‘It’s crazy you’re married’ and that is because they just aren’t used to you as a married person (whatever being a married person even means?!). But you know what I think is crazy... how normal and not crazy being married is.

As a brand new married woman, my advice to fellow newlyweds is... enjoy the ride. Embrace your new husband and wife and continue to tell them how much you love them. Go out, spend time together, just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t date... (as long as its dating each other).