The Ultimate Gift this Holiday Season

The Ultimate Gift this Holiday Season

Remember when you were younger, and Christmas was all about the presents. You couldn’t wait to write that letter to Santa so he would know just what to get you. You didn’t just want regular Barbie, you wanted Baby Spice Barbie, and if it wasn’t the right one, you would have been upset! Christmas literally meant waking up and opening presents. That’s what you looked forward to and that’s what you thought the season was all about.

However, I’ve enjoyed Christmas much more since my mentality changed.

Christmas, as you get older becomes more about family and less about what is under the tree. It’s about spending time with those most near and dear to your heart. It’s become about giving and less about receiving. It’s about being thankful and together. Christmas is truly about the celebration and birth of Christ. As a family, you celebrate together that he’s put you in this world. You celebrate the fact that you have a family.

I remember, some time ago a Christmas that was like no other. A holiday that began with an awful accident; my stepfather had been working under a truck hoist when it collapsed onto him. He was rushed to emerge and we didn’t know what to expect. We were told the hospital would be his new home for a temporary while. A couple weeks later I was admitted into the same hospital. Nothing as serious as my stepfather, but I can only imagine the stress that was then put onto my mother. Thankfully, I was released three days later, and my stepfather was released only days before Christmas. We were able to celebrate Christmas at home as a family!

But, what about the people who don’t have a family?

A support system?

Money to put any gifts under the tree?

This is where the ultimate gift comes into play.

The ultimate gift is giving back.


This year, my husband’s family business got involved with a local organization that helps and support families and youth in need. We were given a local family to sponsor; a single mother and her three girls. We were given a list of their names, ages, and what they wished for.

We are so fortunate to wake up every day, to have people in our life that love us, food on our plate and a roof over our head. Not everyone is always that lucky. People (not just around the world but in our local community) like the family we sponsored live in motels because that’s all they can afford. Lose all their belongings to bed bugs because the motels they can afford don’t get properly cleaned. Some people get genuinely excited about new socks and underwear because they don’t remember the last time they had any that were new.( I don’t remember the last time I got genuinely excited for that, do you?)

Giving back is such a wonderful feeling. It puts hope back into humanity and raises the spirit of so many people.

My holiday wish is that you too realize the importance of giving back.

Even if that means a friendly smile in the shopping centre, saying hello to someone on the street, inviting your neighbours over for dinner, or visiting an old age home.

It’s not always about money, but it’s always about having the holiday spirit.

Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about, let’s be kind this holiday season, and remember the ultimate gift, is giving back.


Merry Christmas!