Should you Hire a Ghostwriter?

Should you Hire a Ghostwriter?

Now that you know some of the reasons why a blog can be beneficial (more pages for your website, better SEO, a place for customers to comment and interact with you etc.) you have to decide who will write and run your blog.

Sometimes, the ideal person would be you; the owner or your manager in charge, and if you or your manager has the time, that’s great. But, what if you don’t have the time? What if running your business takes up most of your time? Blogging is a commitment; you need time and the ability to properly place keywords throughout your article.

As a business owner or manager it’s your job to delegate and choose which tasks can be outsourced, and sometimes blogging seems easier if it could be outsourced, but you also want to keep credit within your business.

Hiring a ghostwriter is the best of both worlds. You can keep your time to run your business, but still reap the benefits of having a blog. A ghostwriter allows you to keep the credit of all blogs written without having to publish an author’s name. You’re paying someone to do what you could technically do yourself, but you’re also hiring someone who can do it faster, better, and with less stress on you.

A good ghostwriter working for your blog is going to work within your expectations. Whether that is blog post length, topic, or whatever, a good ghostwriter can follow your lead. A good ghostwriter can also bring a new perspective to the table and help your blog become relatable to your customers and clients. Having fresh eyes on your business blog can help keep you relevant and on point.