Decorating your Living Room

The internet is so great. We can get so many ideas, inspiration, advice and information online. I must have over 250 pins on Pinterest spread over 10 different boards. It's crazy. There is no shortage on great ideas out there.

The issue is when you start to feel inadequate. With so many professionals, the ideas and props used online are not only perfect, but feel so out of reach. Where on earth do you find those items and how much did they spend creating that look?

We all cant afford to live the life of brand name pieces, designer labels, and boutique finds. 

The key is finding staple, standout pieces that are timeless, elegant, unique to your style and classic. You may have to be creative, but you can find these pieces anywhere. 


Take my couch for example. It's dark, leather, and has that 'worn in, vintage' look. I wanted to brighten it up by using colourful, light pieces. I bought two matching floral pillows from Homesense (my FAVOURITE store) and a soft buck pillow from Garden Gallery. (The perfect store for home design ideas both indoor and out.) The blanket was actually a gift from my mother in law. But together, the three light pieces complete the couch. Even if you have a couch you feel outdated or you just don't love the same anymore, use pieces like these to bring it back to life and freshen up the room. 

Here, we have our coffee table. It's beautiful raw, natural wood (also very dark) so it needed to be brightened up as well. I love to feature our local magazine and #supportlocal, so I usually have the most updated version of Good Life magazine kicking around! To tie in with the red rimmed buck pillow I chose to go with a large red bowl and some soft coloured potpourri fruit to outline my over sized candle. The bowl and its condiments were all purchased at my local Homesense. The gold leaf beside it was purchased at Garden Gallery. This is a great piece because the leaf works all seasons of the year! (I actually purchased it as a Christmas decor item)

You have probably started to notice a theme in our home. Dark furniture with light accents. Earth tones with accents of red. I think it's important to figure out your theme before you head out. Shopping for a home can be overwhelming and daunting on it's own, but shopping without a purpose can be never ending. If you decide before hand the layout you want, the general theme you want, and the location you want your pieces to go in, you are well on your way to shopping success. Now the store most used in this shot is the craft store, Michaels. The photo frames, vase, items inside vase, potpourri, and gold tray are all from there! The yellow candles were a homemade gift from my best friends wedding. My favourite thing about Michaels, other than their awesome inventory is their 40% off coupons! You can either subscribe to their email to be sent them, or check their website so every often.

In the centre of our bookshelf is a staple, key piece that's both personal and unique. I picked up this large glass vase with a cork lid (how perfect!) at an antique market. Every time we have people over and open a bottle of wine i'll write the date on the cork and who we were with and put it in this jar! It's been a great conversation piece, an artwork piece and something I cant wait to open up and reflect on once it's full. 


This is one of my favourites!  Like the corks, it's personal and unique to us. For our wedding, we got every couple to sign a wood chip and place it in the wooden frame instead of doing the traditional book. We have it on display in our living room and its such a lovely and beautiful reminder every time we walk by. If you're interested, I ordered it off Etsy.


Now, this is just the back half of our living room! The key is finding pieces that stand out, are personal to you and can be considered timeless, classic, or key to that particular room. 

Where have you found your key pieces? Do you have items in your home that you're really proud of or make the room feel complete?