It's a Crazy World we Live in

We live in a wonderfully crazy world.

A world where choice is ours.

A world where literally everything and anything is at our finger tips.

A world where technological advances have far surpassed anything our grandparents could have ever imagined.

We also live in a world of lies; where getting ahead is more important than helping those far behind.

We live in a world where social media ‘likes’ define our popularity.

We live in a world where 100 selfies are taken, just so one can be posted.

We live in a world where everyone’s life is ‘perfect’, because if it didn’t look that way, our ‘friends’ would unfollow us online.

We live in a world with judgment and ridicule. If you post selfies, you’re egocentric, but if you only ‘like’ photos without ever posting your own, you’re a creep.


It’s a crazy world we live in.


We recently had a big election. An election where the most amount of new and young voters came out to vote. Something everyone wanted and encouraged. But, now that we aren’t happy with the outcome, we discourage those new and young voters because we feel they were uneducated and voted for the wrong reasons.


See, you can’t win.


How about we change our lens, change our perspective.


I am by no means writing this because I think I’m perfect, I’m very far from it.

I’m writing this as a reminder to myself and as a reminder to you.

And, because I just love to write.


Let’s wake up and be grateful! It’s a miracle that we are all here. Life is by no means easy and lots of things happen we can’t foresee, but we are here to learn, better ourselves, get hurt, pick ourselves up, move on, and be real!


I know it’s hard to live offline, when everyone and everything happens online. And, living online is great. It’s what allows you to read this article, it’s how my husband can advertise his business, and it’s how we stay connected to the world and our friends.

But, let’s try to live offline sometimes, even if it’s just during dinner.

Let’s reconnect with those in our lives and prove to them they deserve our undivided attention.


Let’s be honest. Not so brutally honest that we hurt people, but honest when it’s hard to be honest. Honest when it’s the right thing to do, no matter how scary that is.


Stand up for what you believe in, but don’t bully those who don’t. Teach people by educating them and allow them to make their own decisions. Any coward can bully someone behind the screen of their computer for not believing the same things as them, but it takes a real dignified person to share knowledge, to share education and not bully them into your beliefs.


Let’s remember where we live.  We are all aware of the tragedies around the world that surround us. The amount of negative news is overwhelming. Knowledge is power and it’s great to be aware of world events and not be naive, but let’s remember our own community. Sometimes the city or town you live in needs some care and attention as well. We can make changes within our own community. Don’t neglect the local just because the global can be more attention grabbing.


Tell your family you love them. Surround yourself with family. Make date night a regular thing with your partner/ spouse. Call your friends regularly. Tell your kids you love them and play with them often.

Let’s remind ourselves of all the wonderful things in life and all the reasons to be happy.

Let’s remind ourselves of the real reasons we are here and all the reasons that this world is good….