The Best Of Barrie, Ontario

Although I get the pleasure of working for anyone across the world, I do live in Barrie, Ontario, therefore I have a sweet spot for my beautiful city.  For anyone who does live in Barrie, or is planning on visiting, I’m outlining the best things about Barrie! These are my (totally biased!) opinions! If you disagree, have a comment, or like to suggest something I haven’t mentioned, I’d love to hear from you!

As Summer time comes to an end, there isn't a more perfect time to point out one of the beautiful highlights about this city, its waterfront! It’s absolutely beautiful! It’s perfect for a romantic walk, gossiping with your BFF, taking the kids to enjoy the park, or just sitting solo and reading a book. Although, the last one might be difficult as our waterfront is usually jam packed! If it’s a nice day, you’re guaranteed a crowd by the waterfront. My favourite (*cheap date alert!*) are evening walks along the waterfront, staring at the boats and maybe grabbing an ice cream! It’s just so beautiful and a perfect place to take in the scenery and unwind (and get a little exercise)!     

What is a perfect day without some amazing food?!  The North offers the most spectacular food! (Reason number 1 we had them cater our wedding). And, if you visit in the summer, they even have a perfect little patio for you. This restaurant is in my top 3 favourites for Barrie! The food is delicious and the Chef is even more amazing (reason number 2 we had them cater our wedding)! The patio there is a great size and has a nice romantic feel with tea lights on the tables! 

Everyone’s gotta have lunch! And my top pick for lunch is Akira (if you like Sushi!) All you can eat lunch runs at $12.99 a person and green tea is always included! I suggest you bring friends however because at an all you can eat, its best to order lots and try out everything! They have a really big restaurant so you never have to wait and you can watch them prepare your food! And, since its lunch time, you’re probably in a hurry…well, so are the guys that make your rolls, so not to worry!

We all lead pretty busy lives (that’s why you need my help in blogging, isn’t it) and who doesn’t LOVE a massage. You might be surprised by this pick, but I’m recommending the Georgian College Student Massage Therapy Clinic! These are students who are currently working at getting their massage diploma and their young and fresh (without tired hands). They get graded on doing this, so they do a really good job! Ready for the best part? A full hour is only $30, can’t really beat that!

Don’t you love fresh produce? Fresh veggies and fruit are one of my faves! Barrie has its very own Farmers Market. Full of produce, meat and tons of knick knacks. They are open outdoors every Saturday morning from 8am- noon (so you better get up early!) from May to October, and then move indoors from November to April. They’re open rain or shine, so it’s a good excuse to extend the use of your rain boots! 

The above are places I really love and appreciate Barrie for, but you know what my ultimate favourite destination is in Barrie… my own home! And your home should be your favourite place as well! It’s a place of relaxation (even with the screaming kids, and husband that refuses to put his dirty clothes in the hamper). It’s a place you don’t need to dress up for. It’s your safe zone. It’s where you can have friends and family over and not have a curfew. It’s where you can go and not spend a dime! It’s the place you know exactly where everything is! And it’s located in one of the best cities in the world! Did you know, Statistics Canada just named Barrie to be the safest city?! WOW! That’s something to be proud of! So, invite some friends over, don’t dress up and just enjoy home sweet home!