Best Practices for Instagram Marketing

Over the past couple of years it is amazing how social media has transformed and how many new platforms have been created. Instagram has been one of those platforms. It’s proven itself more than worthy since it first launched in 2010 and has a following to prove it!

You know what’s shocking? How many businesses and people looking to market themselves don’t use Instagram! If you’re looking for impressive, just look at the following statistics;

-300 Million Active Monthly Users

-2.5 Billion Daily Likes

-70 Million Shared Photos a Day



Today, we are going to discuss some of the rules, best practices and overall things you need to know to excel in Instagram Marketing:

1-      It’s so important to know and understand your brands audience. People following McDonalds are going to be expecting different posts then people following Pottery Barn. Social Media is all about your customers. You must think of them before posting. Will the post be beneficial to them? Do they truly want to see what you are about to post?

2-      You don’t always need to take a hard sell approach. Social media is supposed to be fun. Post photos and videos that relate to your brand and its customers, but aren’t necessarily your brand. For example, say you are an Organic food home delivery service; you may post a photo of the organic bananas that will be in next week’s delivery. It doesn’t have to include your logo or your staff in the photo, but people will appreciate the softer sell approach.

3-      Make sure you post awesome content! There is no excuse for poor quality photos! In this day and age, even the IPhone we carry around offer superb photos. Plus, Instagram offers great filters to help you edit and enhance your photos.

4-      Social media is called that for a reason, it’s social. Have you ever been in a one way conversation? Not too fun! Don’t get too caught up in your own posts to realize your customers and followers are posting too. Like some of their photos and reply to their comments. They will be more engaged and connected to you as a brand after being reached out to.

5-      Be exciting. Don’t share boring stock photos. Get creative and tell a story! Did your business adopt a pet to be a brand advocate? Showcase them on your Instagram page! People love being able to relate to someone or something. Be relatable, be a company your followers want to follow and engage with.

Instagram has so many followers and has a very high engagement rate. Don’t get left behind. Stay current, up to date, and interesting. Engage with your customers and be a brand your customers will love to follow. Be a brand your competitors envy!